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The Pas Arts Guild

The Pas Arts Guild is a group of visual artists who encourage each other in their various artistic endeavors.  At times, they gather to paint and draw as a group.  They also organize or take part in artists retreats and workshops.


Band Boosters

Band Boosters assist with the costs of operating bands that travel outside The Pas.  In The Pas, there are school bands in Margaret Barbour Collegiate and Scott Bateman Middle School.


Community Choir

The Pas Community Choir has singers of various ages who simply love to sing.  All are welcome.


Metis Fiddlers

The MMF The Pas Metis Fiddlers began in 2001, being sponsored by The MMF The Pas Region. It has grown to approximately 50 students, annually.  Over the years, it has had many instructors and leaders.  The group is active in the community, playing at several venues and concerts.  Students learn Old Time dance and Metis tunes.  Current instruction is available via Zoom.  Registration is held in the fall by contacting Kathy McKay @ 620-0930.

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The Pas Music Club

The Pas Music Club's primary goal is to facilitate recitals for privately taught music students.  They also help organize exams as needed.
The Pas Music Club has quietly existed for many decades. In the beginning they were formed as local musicians gathered to support each other's efforts to promote music in The Pas. They have always organized performance opportunities. 
Back in the early 70's a fund raising committee was formed to purchase a Petrof grand piano.
In the summer of 2011, the piano had to be sold as there was no longer a venue available to store or use it. The funds remain in a special account with the Arts Council for possible future use.


The Pas Music and Fine Arts Festival

The Pas Music and Fine Arts Festival has been offering adjudicated sessions since 1935.

Linda Munroe exhibit 2.jpg

Sam Waller Museum



Phone:  204-623-3802

Address:306 Fischer Ave

P.O. Box 185

The Pas MB

R9A 1K4


Storytellers' Film Festival

Firmly rooting First Nations traditions of storytelling at the core, STORYTELLERS' is a festival that uses film and video to present current cultural ideas. It is acknowledging past traditions that we nurture in our Culture of today.

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2019 10 05 Sq. D. Workshop 10.jpg

The Pas Square Dancers

The Pas Square Dancers meet weekly at the Christ Church Anglican.  Contact Kathy McKay @ 620-7793 for more information.


The Pas Helping Hands 4H Club

Helping Hands is an active 4H Club completing many different projects and community activities.  Youth ages 6 and up may join.

ADAM K 2.jpeg

Home Routes The Pas

Due to covid, Home Routes has been presenting many on-line concerts.  Check out our Facebook page for up to date details (Home Routes The Pas.)


MBCI Arts Department

MBCI Arts Department displays art work at the two Band Concerts at MBCI as well as the SBMS Christmas Concert.

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2017 Bedtime stories 2.jpg

Theatre 53

Theater 53 has performed dramas

 and musicals for decades. 

President     Barb Shaw-Ings

Vice-Pres.    Jennifer Beckingham 

Treasurer     Beth Whyte

Secretary     Kristy Dyck   

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Crafty Chicks

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