The Pas Square Dancers

The Pas Square Dancers meet every Tuesday 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm at

St. Paul's Care Home.

We provide weekly entertainment.  
The resident's don't mind if we are in learning mode.

Dancing is on hold until we can hold hands. 

Elaine Bollman
Kathy McKay   204-623-7793

If you would like to learn to dance or just give it a try, we like to start our beginners off in September but we have had beginners join later in the year.

Note: Dress code is casual. Wear comfortable shoes.

Dancers need to be able to hear the calls and walk.

Partners are preferred but many come solo and join others.

Cost is minimal at $2 per person per night.  

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2019 Oct. 5  The Pas Square Dancers had a Workshop led by Linda Gilchrist from Swan River.

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of the dancers having a good time at their workshop October 5, 2019.

Six dancers attended the Spring Wind-up in Durban on April 27, 2019.   Good dance experience for all. 

Costumed dancers Oct. 29, 2019 

Oct. 30, 2018

We again add

costumes to





October 31, 2017 The Pas Dancers gathered in costume to dance and have a good time. 
Dancing usually runs from mid-September until mid-May or sometimes June. 
This photo was taken at our Barn Dance wind-up in June 2015.

Square Dancing 

Good for your heart, head and health.