The Pas Music and Fine Arts Festival

The Pas Music and Fine Arts Festival has been offering adjudicated sessions since 1935.


Adjudicators are brought in to evaluate and suggest improvements on the performances in a variety of disciplines. Many scholarships are available.   

Participants must register on or before  Feb 8th.

In person registration and payment occurs

Feb. 8th,2019  at  The Pas Public Library

4:30 - 6:30 pm 

Sean Irvine was the adjudicator for Band and instrumental April 15-17, 2019
General information:  Festival website is

2019 Session dates and adjudicators

March 20 & 21    Vocal, Choral, Piano   Trish Reimer   Sacred Heart Cathedral
April 8-9           Speech sessions       John Wiens     Venue TBA
April 10-11          Dance sessions         Tamara Hicks  Kelsey Community School  April 15-17          Band/Instrumental    Sean Irvine      Schools & Cathedral
April  17              Fiddle                         Patrick Tinant  The Pas ALliance Church
May 2                 Grand Concert           Participants are invited to perform  MBCI
Post Office:  Box 3434  The Pas MB R9A 1S2
Contaact:     Deb  204-978 - 0550

Officers and directors 

Chairperson               Deborah Bottcher              204-978-0550
Past Presidents         Mike Bottcher/ Geof Ings
Secretary                    Amanda Newman
Treasurer                     Bonnie Needham
     Band                       Heather Gibson                 204-623-3485
     Piano                       Tanis Asselstine               204-624-5557      
     Vocal & Choral       Sue Harper                        204-623-6856
     Speech & Theatre Meaghan Dunnigan         204-623-3459
     Dance                       Cherilyn Misling
     Fiddle                        Kathy McKay   (cell 620-0930) 204-623-7793 
** Contact the director for information on that discipline
or to withdraw.
Committee positions:
     Awards & Scholarships     Mike Bottcher. Deborah Bottcher, Amanda Newman 
     Registration                          Deborah Bottcherm  Geof Ings, Sue Harper
     Publicity                                Mike Bottcher
      Venues/School Liaison     Individual directors
      Fund Raising                        Bonnie Needham (CTA)
     Program Coordinator          Deborah Bottcher,  Mike Bottcher
     Adjudicator's Secretary     Deborah Bottcher
     Travel and Accommodation  Individual directors , Deborah Bottcher,
                                                       Bonnie Needham
      Website                                  Mike Bottcher
      Grand Concert                   Heather Gibson, Bonnie Needham, other volunteers 
                                                        as needed. 

Photos of 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017  Music Festival can be found on the archives page. None available for 2018.

MMF Junior Fiddlers 2019