In the 1960’s a group of visual artists formed a committee in The Pas to provide training and annual exhibit opportunities for local artists. As the visual art group grew, the exhibits also grew. Soon, they invited artists from other northern communities to display their work. Out of this annual exhibit the Northern Juried Art Show got its beginning. Now each year a community North of the 53 parallel hosts the Northern Juried Art Show.

In addition to the above groups, other art and cultural interest groups also existed including the Music Club, The Pas Music and Fine Arts Festival, The Sam Waller Museum, the Pas Public Library, Theatre 53 and The Pas Friendship Centre.

In the late 1970s the visual and the concert series committee decided to form an arts council. All other arts and cultural interest groups were invited to join. The Arts Council was formed and incorporated in 1981.

Now,The Pas Arts Council exists to promote arts and culture in The Pas through exposure, education and participation. Arts and cultural groups are members of The Pas Arts Council and conduct programming specific to their mandates. One of the roles of the arts council is to provide support to the member groups including advertising, financial grants and with applying for larger grants.  In addition, the arts council provides programming that is not provided by member groups as resources are available.

The Arts Council assumes responsibility for touring and works with the Sam Waller Museum to promote the visual arts. Regularly, Arts Council hosts performing artists or groups as well as co-sponsoring exhibits, providing scholarships and raising funds to subsidize programming costs. 

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